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Smartcloud enables small and medium business to take advantage of cloud computing and compete on a global scale by minimizing IT costs, while driving productivity and human collaboration.

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As a manager in a stretched organization, you have to allocate your labour, capital and material resources in the most efficient way possible. Does it make sense to have budgeted dollars for maintaining servers, installing patches and performing software upgrades, when they are not required at all? Perhaps your IT team or IT supplier could be put to better use. Does it make sense for your team to be overwhelmed with emails, large attachments and bogged down with poor communication?

Smartcloud's integrated mobile offering creates a better environment to facilitate teamwork and efficiency. This means more productivity. You'll never have to do another software upgrade on your desktop or server again. Does it make sense for you to worry about your IT infrastructure, whether you have the latest and greatest, whether your data will be stolen, destroyed or lost? With Smartcloud you have nothing to manage.

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