Smartcloud is a secure, scalable SaaS platform with dozens of integrated services to get your business running at peak performance.

Lower costs

Smartcloud reduces costly networking, servers and extra IT resources. It will eliminate unpredictable capital expenses and replace them with a predictable, low cost, monthly expense.

We professionally manage Smartcloud so you don't have to manage a thing. Your IT team can focus on more productive aspects of your business as you save budgeted dollars. A win-win scenario.


Access all your critical business information in one place. Smartcloud lets your team easily share files and start conversations, reducing the burden of email. You don't need separate applications and you will have access from any device.

New features and functionality are added automatically. Simplify your teamwork and drive workplace collaboration through chat, video and corporate social networking.

Better security

You are totally protected with Smartcloud. Imagine the risks... Are you better protected against those risks by managing servers and data (a) yourself, (b) with a local IT provider or (c) by companies who have spent billions of dollars on security and back-up in massive data centres around the globe?

Smartcloud has partnered with these types of firms so you can take advantage of this huge security advantage.